Welcome to Mormors Julstuga (Granny’s Christmas hut)

Grannys Christmas Hut

My greatest passion in life is to create Santa Claus dolls / Gnomes and Weights. My Santa’s and Weights are created according to the Swedish and Norwegian traditions. I’m especially fond of the Santa / Gnome and Weights that make sure the animals on the farms are being properly cared for.
I created my first Santa at the end of the 1970s. I soon started to develop my own personal style and over the years additional designs and creations have seen the light of day. I strive to make every Santa special with its own personality using only the best possible materials.

My Santa’s and other handicrafts can be found at Christmas fairs and Quality Arts fairs.


If you are interested in my santas:

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Please have a look through the pictures in my gallery and web-shop.

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